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Warranty liabilities

If faults are detected during the warranty period, the consumer shall be entitled to bring claims specified by the current legislation on consumer protection law. 


Manufacturer sets on a product warranty period 24 months of full warranty from the date of its sale to the buyer. During this period the buyer shall have a right for free maintenance of the product, namely: spare parts for repair, attendance of repairman, diagnostics and work of the service master – free of charge for the buyer.


The service life is 7 years from the date of production.


Warranty obligations apply to products that are used only for personal, family, household needs, not related to business activities. The product is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty in case of industrial use, usage of product in offices, for business purposes, at service enterprises, common areas, public eating places and etc. 


During purchase/acceptance of product make sure that warranty document is correctly filled in, free of corrections and contains the following information:


  • - Date of sale, seller’s signature, seal of trade organization;
  • - Model and serial number of product.


Keep warranty document, sales/cash receipt during 24 months. Outside the warranty period, it is recommended to contact an authorized service center to check the quality of your product at least once every 3 (three) years. Diagnostics of the product shall be paid by the buyer according to tariffs of authorized service center.


In case of detection of defects in the product during the warranty period, the organization carried out repair (authorized service center) shall proceed to remove defects in the shortest time possible without undue delay. Warranty period for replaced component and constitutive parts during the warranty period shall be terminated upon expiry of the guarantee period for the product overall.


In the case of calling a specialist for checking the quality of the productresulted in the absence of deficiencies or it was found that the defects arose due to violation of the rules of transportation, installation, operation of the product, actions of third parties or force majeure, the product diagnostics and transportation costs shall be paid by the user according to price of authorized service center. In the absence of user at the specified address at the time of specialist of authorized service center arrival at a specified time, in case of further call, visit of specialist shall be paid according to price of authorized service center.


Any claims regarding product quality shall be considered only after inspection of the product carried out by representative of authorized service center.


The warranty does not cover defects of the product detected during warranty period in case of their occurrence after transfer of the product to the user due to violation by the consumer intended use, transportation or storage of the product. In particular, in case of detection in the product  foreign objects, animals, rodents, insects or traces of their activity, actions of third parties or acts of force majeure, as well as in case of parameters instability in electric power system, gas and water communications. When using product for purposes other than intended, the manufacturer’s warranty is not provided. Manufacturer shall not bear liability in case of non-compliance with the rules for connecting the product or involvement of unauthorized persons to the connection of technically complex products.


While connecting the product, do not use extension poles, triple adaptors and adapters. If the device is not in use – turn off the water supply/gas supply faucet and disconnect the device from electric grid. 


Repair of the device should be carried out by authorized service centers (organizations) only. 


Upon detection unauthorized interference, the manufacturer’s liabilities under the guarantees shall be terminated.


Device must be kept clean.


The manufacturer’s guarantee does not covermechanical damages resulting from transportation or usage of the product.


The manufacturer’s guarantee does not coverproducts with deleted or damaged labels containing the serial number of the product.


The manufacturer’s guarantee does not covercosmetic defects that do not affect the correct operation of the product, as well as consumables, such as lighting lamps, filters, etc.


The manufacturer shall not be liable for any possible damage caused to the customer, private/legal persons in case of failure to meet manufacturer’s requirements specified in this section and instruction manual.