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Detailed information about the brand, its origin, history as well as production facilities can be found in the "About company” section.

In retail shops you can not just take a look but to evaluate by touch the quality of the manufactured equipment. Its list is in “Where to buy” section.

Please note, that not the entire range of appliances is presented at the exhibition. Specify availability model you require by phone.

We recommend to apply to authorized service centers for connection and installation.

You can use services of any other skilled professional or to carry out connection by yourself, herewith the manufacturer/the seller will not bear responsibility for consequences caused by improper connection.

It should be noted that service centres do not perform installation (assembly) of the appliances. As a rule, such service shall be provided by companies that produces furniture.

All Günter & Hauer equipment is provided with a full 2 year warranty (24 months): cost of necessary parts, free repair as well as free visit of a repairman.

Factories of the company are located at different countries, namely: Germany, Poland, Slovakia, South Korea, France, Turkey, China.

The country of assembly of the model you are interested in can be checked with the manager by phone.

Gas hobs and ovens can be connected both to mains and cylinder gas.

For conversion to liquefied gas, nozzles should be installed. Presence of nozzles in product set specify by calling a hotline.

Length of cable necessary for the connection of hob, may vary. Since the manufacturer is not aware about the distance between an outlet and place of hob location, some models are not equipped with cable.

Besides, depending on line voltage, the cable cross-section and number of cores will be different. Absence of a plug due to the fact that electrical wiring intended for a hob or oven, is hidden behind kitchen-cupboards and the appliance shall be connected to it not by using plugs and outlets, but by terminal strips.

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