New induction cooktops I 6 JP made by Günter & Hauer: futuristic technologies in the modern kitchen

17.12.2018 News

Do you want to equip your kitchen with extra-modern equipment? Do you appreciate the reliability, innovations and environmental compatibility in the brand approach? - Meet! Günter & Hauer stylish, shockproof and super heat-resistant cooktops are coming soon!

By refuting the idea to leave well enough alone, Günter & Hauer complements the range of its appliances with a unique novelty.

Pretty soon, new induction cooktops will hit the market. Their whole point will be robust and heat-resistant glass ceramic StellaShine manufactured by NEG, the well-known Japanese company. Due to its remarkable characteristics, this material has already found application not only in home appliance manufacturing but even in health care and space technologies. Now, the exclusive surface will serve the needs of your kitchen.

Nippon Electric Glass technologies: solutions that change the world

NEG has been developing glass with unique characteristics since 1949. The company’s main philosophy is to care for the environment and figure out materials that would improve the world and serve humanity. Special features of glass fabrication, its melting, processing and forming, allow them to provide the material with various properties and functions, which will meet the needs of a wide variety of industries. In an attempt to match its motto, "Glass for the Future," the company involves the best experts and tries to go beyond the existing standards in its design projects.

NEG activities resulted in a wide range of glass products, which are used in the automotive industry, health care, computer-aided technologies, lighting, household appliances and so on.

StellaShine ultra-thermal resistant glass ceramics are among the last Company projects, which is used in modern inductive and gas stoves.

Ultra-high thermal and shock resistance is the key to the durability of the appliance operation.

StellaShine high-temperature glass ceramic is resistant to cyclic heating and can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. Even if you pour cold water on the cooker surface heated up to 800 degrees, it will not crack and will remain intact. Due to this feature, NEG glass was recognized as the best material for kitchen cooking surfaces in the last 30 years.

The material environmental compatibility is in the safety of use and care for the environment.

StellaShine glass is free from such substances as arsenic and antimony, which adversely impact human health and the atmosphere. You may be sure that the heating of the surface will not harm you and your relatives, and the micro-climate in the kitchen will remain favourable.

The unique processing and painting technology will preserve attractiveness for many years

StellaShine’s name was created from two words: “Stella” – a star and “Shine” – shine. Glass ceramics completely justifies its name, making the cooktop surface bright and stylish.

During the glass production for cooktops, NEG applies a special technology to achieve maximum strength. During processing, complex painting is used, which provides a variety of textures and shades. Due to the effect of the complex light refraction, the cooktop will make you happy with a shiny gloss that does not dim over time.

By choosing Günter & Hauer inductive cooktops based on StellaShine glass ceramics, you are taking a step towards the future!