Günter & Hauer ATALA cooker hoods: a stylish supplement to the functionality of your kitchen!

17.12.2018 News

Günter & Hauer aspires to combine aesthetics and usability in each model of its household appliances. ATALA 1090 GL, ATALA 1075 GL and ATALA 1060 GL cooker hoods are a shining example of power and strength hidden under the front face stylish gloss.

ATALA cooker hoods made by Günter & Hauer are built-in models, which differ in their dimensions. The model range includes appliances with the following dimensions:

  • ATALA 1090 GL – 90х30.7 × 29.6 cm: a multi-purpose hood for any room
  • ATALA 1075 GL – 75х30.7 × 29.6 cm: an appliance with unique dimensions for a special interior
  • ATALA 1060 GL – 52х30.7 × 29.6 cm: a compact model for a small kitchen

Differing in the front face width, each ATALA cooker hood ensures excellent power and high productivity.

A modern hood – an elegant supplement to the design of your kitchen

ATALA cooker hoods have attractive front panels that will complement any interior. Front panels made of black tempered glass, which reflects the light of built-in bulbs, will make exceptional even a modest kitchen. Owing to the restrained minimalistic design, the appliance serves a sophisticated emphasis without attracting all the attention.

Create atmosphere using sensor control!

Touch keys located on the front panel provide easy and comfortable control. Just touch a button several times to gradually increase or decrease power. The timer key allows you to safely deal with your affairs, entrusting the air cleaning to the kitchen assistant; the hood will automatically switch off after 9 minutes.

Perimeter suction - clean air in just a few minutes!

Owing to the perimeter suction technology, the air cleaning efficiency of ATALA hoods has been increased by more than 20%. A powerful engine provides intensive air suction, eliminating foreign smells. Now, even if you fry fish, cook steaks or stew vegetables, you can easily keep a comfortable micro-climate indoors.

Additional lighting to create cosiness

All models of ATALA hoods are equipped with powerful LED lamps that efficiently illuminate the work surface. Using additional illumination, you may easily create the mood of your kitchen and comfortably cook any dishes.

Select the optimum cleaning mode!

Unlike most models, ATALA cooker hoods can operate in two modes, either exhausting air into vent ducts or recirculating it. Appliances made by Günter & Hauer are equipped with removable aluminium filters, which catch any pollutants. You can complete the selected model with a carbon filter, thus avoiding the need to withdraw the pipe into the vent duct.

Simple care is key to saving your time.

The touchpad makes maintenance for ATALA cooker hoods easy and convenient. The absence of cracks and joints eliminates accumulation of fat and dirt, which preserves the attractive appearance of front panels. Just wipe the glossy panel with a soft cloth so that it looks like new. To clean the hood from the inside, you can simply place a removable aluminium filter in a dishwasher.

ATALA cooker hoods by Günter & Hauer are a successful solution for most interiors. Stylish and sophisticated from the outside, they guarantee the changeless quality and performance typical of a proven manufacturer.