GL series of new Günter & Hauer gas cooktops: classical reliability and comfort

17.12.2018 News

Do you prefer time-tested technologies? Gas cooktops GL 641 WTN, GL 641 TN and GL 745 by Günter & Hauer will meet all your expectations!

Günter & Hauer is trying to meet the needs of every user while forming its own range of appliances. The new GL series of gas cooktops will be the perfect choice for those who value reliability and simplicity in operation.

All models are similar but have unique features that allow users to make an individual choice:

  • GL 641 WTN – an elegant white panel 60 cm wide, which perfectly fits into the interior of the kitchen in light colours;
  • GL 641 TN – a similar model in black, which will provide cooking comfort using 4 burners of different power;
  • GL 745 (75 cm) – stylish design and a total of 5 burners for those who like to pamper the family with a variety of dishes.

When choosing any model of the GL series, you will get a durable appliance with excellent characteristics.

Tempered glass panels: Strength and aesthetics at the highest level!

All models of GL cooktops have a tempered glass surface. This material not only provides good gloss for the appliance but also guarantees durability. Tempered glass can easily withstand prolonged heating and features high strength; at the same time, it is affordable, allowing you to save on the appliance purchase.

Cast-iron grate: efficient solution for serviceability

GL series gas cooktops are equipped with strong cast-iron grates, which will last several decades even with intensive operation. They are resistant to temperature drops, aggressive household chemicals or mechanical damage. Grate solidity and special material structure will ensure the stability of dishware and guarantees you convenience in operation.

Mechanical control: simply, clearly, conveniently

Günter & Hauer gas cooktops are controlled by stylish turning knobs. You will never have to look for matches or a cigarette lighter. It is enough to use the electric ignition function; the flame flashes immediately.

High-quality burners made by reliable manufacturers: select the optimum cooking temperature!

All GL cooktops are equipped with 4 or 5 burners of varying power. With them, you can easily cook a small portion of porridge or delight the whole family with an original Asian dish cooked on a WOK turbine burner.

Some models are equipped with burners of the famous Italian brand DEFENDI. Reliable and safe, they will work uninterrupted for many years and will allow you to use the appliances without fear.

Gas-control function: safety assurance for your family

Operation safety of the equipment is one of the basic principles of Günter & Hauer. For this reason, all models of the brand cooktops are equipped with a gas control function. You need not worry that an air gust or spilled soup will extinguish the flame; the system instantly stops the gas flow and prevents its leakage.

GL 641 WTN, GL 641 TN, and GL 745 gas cooktops are simple, reliable, safe and easy-to-use models. By choosing one of them, you will provide yourself with a high-quality kitchen appliances.