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Günter & Hauer: An International Manufacturer of Household Appliances


Our appliances combine a stylish design and reliable functionality. High reliability, attention to details, and the use of the latest technologies for your home are the key principles of Günter & Hauer.







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Company Establishment


When? 2009
Where? Bad Münstereifel, Germany



  • 2009
    Year the company was founded.
  • 2011
    Development and launch of a new product: a self-cleaning oven.
  • 2012
    Creation of a unique innovative design of an inclined hood Leona 6 Q with a teflon impeller.
  • 2013
    Exclusive range of gas-to-glass cooktops with touch controls.
  • 2014
    New high-tech models of 4-in-1 ovens.
  • 2016
    Günter & Hauer enters the Polish market. The company is expanding its range of wine cabinets and offers built-in microwave ovens for the first time.
  • 2017
    A factory in France was added to the geography of production facilities where the brand's appliances are manufactured.
  • 2020
    Günter & Hauer starts production of a new series of built-in premium quality appliances at a high-tech plant in Spain.

Company development strategy

The company has been operating since 2009 and has earned the trust of customers during this time. Today, we are entering new markets. In 2016, Günter & Hauer appliances appeared in Poland. Soon, the company will open branches in Kazakhstan, Austria, and Italy. Built-in household appliances, wine cabinets, and kitchen accessories remain the priority of our company.


The main engineering center of Günter & Hauer is located in Germany, where European experts develop design, functionality, and technical solutions. High-quality production and assembly are provided by our partner factories.
Günter & Hauer collaborates with the best factories in the world, which bring the ideas of our engineers and designers into life. Production facilities are located in Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey, South Korea, and China.

Our factory in Germany began its work in 1998. It gained popularity and fame thanks to original hoods with a glass front panel and innovative dual filtering principles.


Our French factory, which is located near the German border, is engaged in the production of Hi-Light electrical cooktops as well as induction panels of various configurations made of high-quality Euro Kera glass ceramics.


Our two factories in China are in the top three of the country's best plants and specialize in the production of electric cooktops and built-in ovens. We employ about 3,000 people. During the year, the factory produces 2.5 million cooktops and 150,000 built-in ovens.


Another factory in China was founded in 1968. Once a small private workshop, it eventually became one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances and air conditioners. Today, the coordinated work of the factory is ensured by more than 135,000 employees.


The history of our factory in Poland begins in 2002. It was at this time that the idea of creating flameless gas stoves, which hide special burners under glass ceramics, emerged. This surface allows you to use 50% less gas than traditional stoves. The factory did not stop at this innovation; it began to produce induction cooktops as well as ovens and hoods.


The factory in Turkey has been operating since 1977. At first, it only produced stoves; today, it offers a wide range of household appliances. In 2006, it also began the production of compact built-in appliances for small kitchens. Today, the factory employs more than 1,000 people.


Our South Korean factory has been a leader in the market for production of gas ovens and dishwashers for 30 years. A distinctive feature of this enterprise is the scrupulous execution of the designer’s ideas. Due to their appearance, models made at our South Korean factory repeatedly received international design awards. Since 2007, a lot of attention has also been paid to the improvement of combined ovens with microwave and steamer functions. Today, our factory produces about 120,000 gas ovens and 200,000 dishwashers per year.


Günter & Hauer is working closely with SCHOTT CERAN®, the world's leading glass ceramics manufacturer. The use of SCHOTT CERAN products guarantees the high quality and durability of the glass ceramics which our cooktops are equipped with.