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Connection and installation


The manufacturer strongly recommends to entrust connection of the device to authorized service center specialists.


For this purpose you should contact the service center in your city or company’s hot line.


You can use services of any other skilled specialists or to conduct connection by yourself using recommendations from manual guidance, but it such case the manufacturer (the seller) shall not bear responsibility for the defects of the product which arose due to its incorrect connection.


In case of appeal to other organizations or to private individuals having appropriate licenses and certificates, you should demand entering the data into warranty card (a company, license number, specialist’s surname, given name, patronymic) or a corresponding document confirming the fact of connection of the equipment by such organization/ private individual.


Payment for works on connection as well as installation and disassembly of the product during repair activity shall be carried out according to the price list ofauthorized service center (installer).


In case of violation of the manufacturer’s requirements regarding connection, the person performed such work shall be liable for damage caused.


Please note that authorized service center is directly involved in connection of appliances, but not installation it in furniture.