Wine cabinets: preservation of ideal taste of your favourite wines

10.12.2018 Articles

As Goethe said, «Life is too short to drink bad wine». But no matter how good and precious the drink is, the improper storage and violation of temperature standards may easily lead to spoiling a delicate bouquet.

Before now, in order to preserve wine, it was kept in specially equipped cellars maintaining proper temperature and humidity conditions. Nowadays, such conditions can be easily provided in any premise with a proper wine cellar. Günter & Hauer stands ready to offer a wide range of models, as well as to share the rules for selection of such appliance.

Climate or tempered?

An approach to the selection of wine cellar depends on what do you definitely expect from the drink itself. If your choice turns to good wines with potential of ripening, a climate wine cellar will be a perfect place for its storage. A constant temperature without splits can be set up therein, which will maintain slow biochemical processes of wine aging. Such models have one temperature mode which can be selected individually.

The advantage of tempered wine cellar is a presence of 2-3 temperature modes intended for different sorts of drinks. Due to such models, you can serve white or red wine at the optimum temperature at any time.

Let’s note the main characteristics

Good wines – capricious beverages. They can be spoiled with excessive or insufficient humidity, wrong temperature, exposure to sunlight and even hardly considerable vibration. In order to exclude these negative factors, Günter & Hauer has provided its cellar with the following features:

  • UV resistant double-glazed units;
  • possibility to set individual temperature for each zone (tempered wine cabinets);
  • anti-vibration compressor which provides ideal storage conditions;
  • high-accuracy temperature control system;
  • system for maintaining optimum humidity about 50-75% that will prevent a cork from overdrying and entering the air into the bottle;
  • providing of ventilation system preventing stagnation of bad smells.

With such a rich functionality, Günter & Hauer wine cabinets have an A-energy efficiency class, enabling them to manage resources.

Assessing the dimensions and capacity

When selecting a cellar, you should also focus on a place of its installation. The perfect choice for small kitchens may be in-built models: they will not take much place, and at the same time will be in harmony with a ready-made kitchen. If space allows, one may prefer to luxurious cellars made of natural wood which will beautify any room.

Depending on consumption of wine, the models with different capacity may be chosen. Günter & Hauer offers the cellars which can easily comprise from 18 to 288 bottles.

Design and design features

Taking into account different senses of taste of the customers, Günter & Hauer offers a broad range of wine cabinets models. They can be made of wood or stainless steel, have a shape of tight shelve stands, figured cabinets or precious solid cupboards with various sections.

The cellars may differ slightly by shelves arrangement. However, according to the requirements for wine storage, all of them are horizontal. Models with angle display shelves may also be chosen. It’s very handy that horizontal shelves are sliding: this allows to take a wanted bottle with ease and do not hurtle the rest ones.

Choose high-quality wine cabinets and let your favourite beverages make you happy!