Setting up atmosphere: how to choose a cooker hood

10.12.2018 Articles

State-of-the-art cooker hoods – this is not only functional appliance that effectively deal with smells. They are also an integral part of interior composing a sole harmony with furniture and elements of décor.

It’s not so easy to select a reliable model that will not disappoint you with the passage of time. But, taking into consideration the main criteria, it may be quite possible to come closer to a perfect option.

Let’s gain inside on peculiarities of operation of cooker hoods

The main task of a cooker hood – to remove smells and grease from a room. The principle of operation of different models allows to do it in some ways:

To pull out greased air and remove it outside the flat through the house ventilation system. Exhaust air function operates in such mode.

To pass air through special filters returning it to the room clean already. This is a special feature of model with recirculation function.

The first option is optimal for large premises with solid communal ventilation. If you are doubt about power of thrust of vent system, you should pay attention to hoods with recirculation function equipped with charcoal filters. The latest can be easily washed in dishwasher, saving you time by doing so.

Let’s decide on a shape of cooker hood

All cooker hoods, according to installation method and shape, may be divided into such groups:

  • telescopic;
  • T-shaped;
  • fully-integrated;
  • island;
  • angled;
  • hoodtype.

The choice of particular model will depend on size and design of a premise, as well as on budget for a buy.

You may easily choose a low power hood for a small kitchen. Such models are presented in every line, are low-cost and therefore you need not to confine yourself with a certain group, but to select an appliance drawing on its functionality, peculiarities of kitchen furniture and design of a room. The main thing worth attention is – a width of a hood. It must either be equal to the width of a cooktop, or to exceed it.

Vertical hoods are a driven element of design. Due to original panels they will beautify any interior, and technology of perimeter absorption will be a guarantee of fast and effective cleaning of the air.

The cooker hoods with power of 460 m3/h should be chosen for spacious premises. Among these are island models which will be ideal for kitchen with a workspace in the center of a room. Such hoods suspend under the ceiling and are an important part of an interior.

Having chosen a model according to dimensions and external feature, we can proceed to investigation of characteristics.

Considering the main criteria of operation of the hoods

The most important parameter of cooker hoods is their capacity. It demonstrates how much air the model passes per unit time. For example, in hoods of Günter & Hauer company it vary from 500 to 1200 m3/h, that allows to select the appliance both for small kitchen and large dining room in a private house. A distinctive feature of the brand’s hoods – low noise level provided by brushless motor in new models. Regardless of the power of the appliance, it does not exceed allowable limit established for residential accommodations – 55-58 dB. It is very important for people spending a good part of a day at the kitchen.

We apply an individual approach

In order to do the operation of the appliance as user-friendly as possible, manufacturers have foreseen a variety of additional functions. Thanks to this you may choose the most preferable hood considering:

  • type of control -  sensor, mechanical or via remote control;
  • illumination method – halogen or LED;
  • presence or absence of a display;
  • in-built timer or with function of self-switching off.

A variety of color solutions of the hoods, as well as usage of glass, plastic and metal for their décor, will allow you to be free to choose design.