The right way to choose an oven

10.12.2018 Articles

Thanks to up-to-date technologies and new offers from manufacturers, it becomes more and more difficult for customers to choose appropriate model of oven. What to choose?

Electric or gas?

Modern electric ovens are necessarily equipped with a great number of cooking modes: baking, grill, upper and low heating, convection, defrosting, heating of dishes and others. However, they are not quite suitable for country houses where natural gas is more often used for reasons of economy.

Gas oven. Which one we will select?

Conditionally, today’s ovens may be divided into classic and multifunctional. What is the difference and which one to prefer?

Classic ovens work without ventilator and have only few heating modes. Multifunctional (they are also called as convection) – are equipped with ventilator which forcefully blowing off preparing dish bringing it up to the required level of preparedness. Using such ovens you can obtain a tasty crunchy crust on meat, fish, a pie and to reduce cooking time significantly.

Considering the fact that ventilator can blow out a burning flame, such ovens are equipped with hollow burners and sensor of automatic ignition. It’s quite handy and safe.

Nonessential but highly desirable will be a presence of automatic ignition in a gas oven. It may be both manual and automatic. It’s easy in use and handy.

And a split and grill generally inspire users to fine cuisines: now, you can cook shashlik, huge roast beefs, large fish and poultry in the oven.

Electric oven: be in for a treat

Electric ovens are just intended for those who have a lot of guests often, have a large family that like to eat tasty and health food, who think he is a gourmand and even a perfectionist, who want to realize themselves as a professional cook.

Just like gas ovens, electric ones may be classic and multifunctional.

Multifunctional ovens are equipped with forced ventilation (convection) and more modes for cooking dishes which make it possible to:

  • defrost food in two modes
  • dry vegetables, fruits, herbs, greens and even mushrooms
  • bake pizza, cheesecakes, cakes and pig mince pies
  • cook hot-pot and to bake vegetables
  • cook several dishes simultaneously using upper grill, to make a golden brown: both on pastry and meat
  • barbecue and  bake a fish

Timer and temperature indicator

For many decades timer has been an integral part of stoves and ovens, but it is still relevant for everybody who strive for a dish would not burn, be taken out of oven timely and served hot. That’s why all modern ovens are equipped with timers with acoustic signal.

Core probe appeared comparatively not long ago in a toolkit of those who want to know exactly that the dish is already prepared. The indicator is a probe with a digital display indicating temperature of cooking dish: just enter the probe in a dish – and it will become clear nest moment whether it is ready or not. It’s a pip, isn't it?

Safety. Cook without missing a beat

Heat insulation – first of all! All surfaces of the oven, handles and door in no case should be hot to avoid risk of burnings. It is especially important if there are children and animals in the house. One more advantage of the oven safety is also such a function like child lock. Now, parents may set their mind at rest that their child will open an oven accidentally and will get hurt. A pleasant addition can also be telescopic runners, when a mistress has no need to take in hand hot trays using a potholder, but only to slide it out as to mix ingredients, oil pastry or to nap a meat.

About care...

Manufacturers, using the best technologies, equip modern ovens not just with special enamels, but also with such unique functions like pyrolysis and steam cleaning. The fundamental difference is that in case of pyrolytic cleaning the grime burns out at t 300 °C and then the only thing you need is to wash the glass, and in case of steam cleaning – flaw into a pan with water. Since such incredible functions appeared, it became much easier to handle the oven.

A current industry of home care also moves with the time and therefore produces entire series of means for ovens care when it is not necessary to use different scratching and rubbing means for their cleaning as to clean the appliance in full.