Microwave ovens – a credible alternative to ovens

10.12.2018 Articles

A modern microwave oven – it’s a multifunctional appliance which can assume most of targets for food cooking

It can help to reheat, bake and even cook the dishes in a grill mode in a snap. Assessing a microwave on the basic parameters, one can easily choose a reliable appliance for their kitchen.

Focus on power and configuration

Basic characteristics of microwaves are:

  • power;
  • capacity;
  • installation method.

Despite the wide variety of offers of freestanding appliance, in-built models are confidently pushing it out. These ones significantly saves space and provides usability. Stylish and modern Günter & Hauer in-built microwaves are presented in different colours of faces and therefor, are in harmony with an interior of any kitchen.

Different power matters

Power of microwave determines how fast will be cooked or defrost a dish. There is a distinction of microwaves power and grill power in modern functional models. The ovens from Günter & Hauer are characterized by microwaves power (900 W), controlled by 5 modes. All models are of A- energy efficiency class that makes them too economic.

High-quality cavity coating – is a pledge of longevity of the appliance

There are three types of cavity coating for microwave ovens. One of the most nonpersistent – enamel. It is vulnerable to long-term exposure of high temperature and humidity and therefore is used for cheap models.

Ceramics is a high quality alternative to such coating. It differs by durability, longevity, it is easy to clean and burnt-on grease- resistant, but all these significantly increase the cost of appliance.

In Günter & Hauer microwaves are used the most possible coating in terms of price and quality – stainless steel. It is eco-friendly, easy care, resistant to intensive use and exposure of extreme temperatures.

Control with ease

Mechanical, button and sensor modes are used for microwaves control. The latest ones are leaders among customers, providing ease of use and care about appliance. All  Günter & Hauer models are equipped with electronic or sensor control, allowing to set the modes with a light touch.

Modes and additional functions: explore all abilities of your microwave

Functionality of modern microwave ovens is not limited only by reheating, defrosting and grill. For example, Günter & Hauer models have a range of additional modes allowing to combine functions of grill and microwave (combi-mode), to set stage-by-stage dish cooking immediately (from defrosting to preparedness) or to delay automatic cooking to the time you need. All these allow not only to cook with pleasure, but also to save your time.

If, despite a variety of models of microwave ovens, you can’t choose the optimal set of functions, have a look at electric ovens with microwave function. Such 2 in 1 appliance will save the space at your kitchen and allow to turn any recipes into reality.