A hob: which one will best for you

10.12.2018 Articles

One would think, a hob – it’s just a top of a stove where a dish prepares. However, it appears that there are many of technical intricacies... How to find the right hob?

Hobs are divided into: gas, electric, induction, combined.

Electric hobs are implemented on metal platform (stainless steel, enamel) or glass-ceramic.

Enamel hobs are relatively inexpensive and common for a buyer. Stainless steel panels are more practicable and aesthetically appealing, but its price is slightly higher that the enamel ones.

The most popular and widely-used are glass-ceramic tops, the external attractiveness of which is the only game in town.

Induction hobs

The dish heats up, but not a glass-ceramic: electromagnetic coil generate the field creating a heat directly in a frying pan or pan. The result – induction hobs are safe in use as much as possible, as they completely exclude risk of burnings.

As to explode archaic meth on harmfulness of such technology, an experiment has been conducted. Testing of magnetic field intensity of an induction cooktop showed a result in 91 times less than for a common hair dryer!

The second aspect – energy efficiency of induction hob. It does not need 20-30 minutes preheating, like a previous electric oven does. The efficiency (coefficient of efficiency) of «induction» is more than 1.5 times higher than that of the classic electric top (90% VS 55%).

In addition, the cooking process is much faster on induction hob than on a common electric (considering preheating of a stove). And there is no need to condition the kitchen additionally – it heats the air a little bit. «Induction kitchen» is cool enough.

Gas hobs are implemented on metal platform (enamel, stainless steel) or it may be a gas on a glass.

Nowadays, well-known and popular gas hobs with usage of enamel coating or stainless steel are still produced, which find their purchaser thanks to low cost.

For the customers who want to see not only modern, but also stylish appliance at their kitchen, manufacturers, including Günter & Hauer, developed hobs made of tempered glass.

Advanced technologies have helped to create combined hobs: gas burners come close to electric ones. This version of implementation is relevant for houses where there are troubles with gas or electricity supply.

All of the above types of hobs are presented in the assortment of Günter & Hauer manufacturer of in-built household appliances.