Günter & Hauer LEONA 6 Q and LEONA 6 QW hoods by Günter & Hauer

10.12.2018 Articles

Sustained sales growth since 2011! Invariable choice of the buyers among similar models of other brands!

All this is the legendary LEONA 6Q (black) and Leona 6 QW (white) cooker hoods from Günter & Hauer manufacturer.

Continued interest of the users is not difficult to explain: a stylish model which is presented in two colors would not only brighten up any interior, but also ensure qualitative air purifying. After reviewing all set of characteristics you will certainly duly appreciate it.

Powerful and noiseless

The power of LEONA 6 hood is 1000 m3/h. It is equipped with reliable leak-proof motor completely protected from grimes and two air-intake ventilators. Its impeller is teflon-coated, so it excludes grease gathering. The hood will show equitable quality result and service life even if you are cooking in the kitchen frequently.

It is essential that with a worthy power, this model differs with its low noise operation. The noise level does not exceed 55 dB, thus you can feel comfortable indoors even if the hood is turned on.

Efficient and powerful

The efficiency of LEONA 6 hood makes it most preferable for large kitchens or integrated open kitchens. Operation efficiency of the model by several characteristics at once:

  • 250 W high-power motor;
  • 3 speed settings which can be selected depending on air contamination;
  • perimeter extraction providing effective air purifying just at the time of its intake;
  • aluminium grease filter restraining the basic mass of grease vapors, avoiding contamination of ducts and internal part of the hood;
  • possibility to built-in charcoal filter insuring efficient filtration of the room without a duct outside (is not supplied in the set).

This model from Günter & Hauer is one of the rare operating in two modes – air discharging and recirculation. Complete cleaning guarantees the fresh air in the kitchen in a matter of minutes.

Easy-to-use and control

Like all modern appliances, LEONA 6 is equipped with sensor control allowing to set the desired parameters with a slight fingers touch. Besides, its operation can be also installed remotely: for this purpose, the remote control is provided in the set.

In addition to main functions, the hood is additional source of illumination. It includes 2 powerful LED lamps which can change angle of slope. Due to this, you can always light up the desired area of cooktops.

Advantages of LEONA 6 include a possibility to set the time of disconnection. By setting the timer you are free to get on with your day and to come back to the room with fresh air after a certain time.

Easy care

Sensor control and absence of button elements allows the surface of the hood to be beautifully restored in minutes. Just wipe it with a soft cloth using non-abrasive cleaning agents as to see the shine of gloss again.

Cleaning of the inner surface of the hood would not cause difficulties too. All grimes gathers on removable aluminium filter which easily can be washed up in a dishwasher.

Stylish and glamorous

Günter & Hauer produces popular hood in two colors – black and white. This allows to select an appropriate variant both for light kitchen in classic or Scandinavian style and to integrate harmonically the appliance in loft interior. Elegant model will be a decoration of the room and emphasize a sense of owners’ fashion.

If you have been looking for a cooker hood for a long time, which will bring together all of the best features of similar units – LEONA 6 will be ideal solution for you. Stylish, functional and handy, it will meet all your expectations.