Günter & Hauer EOM 973 TL built-in oven: elegant functionality

10.12.2018 Articles

Every Günter & Hauer oven – it’s an example of style and functionality. Selecting an oven for your kitchen, pay your attention to EOM 973 TL model: strict conciseness and easy operation will enjoy all lovers of dignified appliance.

Basic technical specifications

EOM 973 TL is one of capacious enough and economical built-in models. The capacity of in-built oven is 70 L that makes it handy and relevant for large families. Thanks to the availability of 9 functions, the users may not to confine themselves in culinary experiments and always possess a varied menu.

Despite its dimensions this model from Günter & Hauer may be a great solution for a small kitchen too. Due to its options, such oven is able to replace several kinds of appliances and to save a usable space. For example, the possibility to defrost and prepare dishes in different grill models allows renouncing using microwave.

Model’s useful functions include:

  • classic upper ad low heating perfect for baking;
  • classic heating with ventilator allowing two-level cooking. Such mode is both suitable for baking pies and drying vegetables;
  • low heating with ventilator allows to cook delicious dishes of dish and vegetables;
  • convection heating that can be used for simultaneously preparation of two different dishes.

Grill modes should be singled out for mention. This model includes four of them that makes it possible to set proper settings and development of a crisp in ready meal, as well as for keeping juiciness of products.

A split is a pleasant and really important additional unit for most of users, allowing to cook a grilled chicken or shish kabobs.

Easy to control – easy to cook!

During development of EOM 973 TL everything possible had been done to simplify the cooking process and to do the oven control as comfort as possible.

For this purpose the following is provided:

  • sensor control panel enabling to set parameters;
  • illuminating of the inner surface of the oven for control cooking;
  • telescopic runners enabling convenient and safe taking of the dish out.

It’s very handy that every push of the knob on the panel is accompanied by an audible tone. It allows do not disrupt during setting the desired mode and be sure in its accuracy. In fact, almost everything may be set up: time to start cooking (delayed start), temperature you need, timer and other parameters. This helps to get ready meal just when it’s necessary.

Serious approach to the safety

Günter & Hauer ensured that the oven meet all safety requirements. For this purpose has been used the door with three glasses, cooling and child lock. It not only excludes danger of burning, but also keeps little users out of interference with appliance control.

Soft Close system is the main feature of the model ensuring handy and safe use. Such technology guarantees smooth closing of the door preventing from its closing accidentally. Soft Close innovation allows not only placing in and taking the dishes out of the oven, but also protects the door against mechanical damage in case of intensive use of the appliance.

Effortless cleaning of the oven

Intensive use of the appliance requires its regular care. It’s very easy to keep cleanness of the oven due to slide sensor panel free of protruding units, availability of catalytic cleaning (decomposition of grease into soot and water; you can only wipe inside the cavity with wet cloth after cooking is finished). Removable door glasses and runners will also facilitate to recover perfect purity.

All that is left to do is to wipe the appliance with wet soft cloth using non-abrasive cleaning agents from time to time, so that the oven will always gratify by its elegance.

Make the more intimate acquaintance of stylish oven from Günter & Hauer and you’ll find that it’s really perfect in design and functionality.