Dishwashers: choosing the best helper

10.12.2018 Articles

No one modern kitchen would be complete without a dishwasher...

The appliance saving time and resources and at the same time allowing to relieve of the grunt work is becoming more popular with every passing year. How to choose and what’s worth attention upon purchasing – let’s discuss below.

Capacity and dimensions – these are the main criteria for the choice

These are two interdependent characteristics which will be fundamental when choosing a dishwasher. The dishwashers of 45-60 cm wide are used most of all. The first one can comprise up to 10 sets, will be suffice for small-size premises and optimal for serving a family of 2-3 persons. If the kitchen area is sufficient and the family is large, it will be better to opt for more capacious models, which can be loaded with up to 14 sets simultaneously.

Fully integrated or partially-integrated?

While choosing a dishwasher, the installation method becomes important. Fully integrated appliance considers more preferable which screens behind facades of a ready-made kitchen. In this case, the control panel is located on the upper end of the door and does not draw attention from the outside. Such an option will not interfere the entirety of interior. Günter & Hauer may offer reliable fully integrated models.

Of no less popularity are partially-integrated dishwashers. They integrate perfectly with a ready-made kitchen, however, are equipped with outside control panel located on the front of the door. The models are handy and do not clutter up the interior.

Classes are important

Every dishwasher has its class of:

  • energy efficiency;
  • washing;
  • drying.

Energy efficiency class is determined by expended energy used for washing of the maximum number of dish sets. This indicator is designated by letters from A to G – the highest electric power consumption. The entire Günter & Hauer appliance has А+ and А++ energy efficiency class, demonstrating its efficient performance.

And talking about quality of dish washing – class of washing of the dishwasher will tell. The scale with Latin letters from A to E is used for labelling the appliance, wherein A – impeccable cleanness and integrity of the dish, E - mediocre quality of washing. Dishwashers from Günter & Hauer correspond to A-class and always guarantee a constant performance regardless of the mode – full cycle or express washing.

The effectiveness of drying will depend on whether the stains remain on the dishes and whether it will take time to wipe it off. Choosing a dishwasher with a drying class A, you can be sure of the crystal purity of each glass or plate. Günter & Hauer appliance allows to select a mode of additional drying. In such case, the highest quality result can be achieved by increasing the temperature of water for rinsing and drying with hot air.

Safety and soundproof – calm and comfort when using the appliance

High-quality appliance operates almost silently allowing the folks to feel comfortable at the kitchen. Average noise level for dishwashers is 49-55 dB, and herewith, correct arrangement of dish will be also important. An appliance with higher indicators should not be chosen.

In order to leave working dishwasher without fear, it is worth drawing attention to availability of special technology cutting off water supply in the event of failure or pressure difference. In Günter & Hauer dishwashers such system calls Agua Stop.

Additional functionality for individual needs

Up-to-date dishwashers have a reach functionality allowing to select a model that corresponds to certain requirements. Most of them are equipped with a display for setting parameters and control, have delayed start and allows to adjust position of a basket for dish.

For those living in active life and do not always keeps in mind trivial things, the rinse and salt existence indicators will be useful. They will always remind you on the necessity for replenishment of stocks timely. For those who strive to save resources, the functions of half-load, express washing and possibility to reload dishes during operation will be useful.

Having examined operation modes of different models of dishwashers, those which will have relevance in operation can be chosen without spending extra money on unnecessary.